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This Game is not what I was hoping for

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Well, I like the hex tiles, units, and most of the combat. I don't like the fact that there was no evolution in Diplomacy. IMHO there are few added features in Diplomacy, but nothing truly awesome about it. It mostly feels like the diplomacy in all other releases.

This is an example of some stuff I wanted ( which I've posted on the forums of two other games ):

their should be diplomatic requests, demands, pacts, discussions, treaty's that you can choose from. you should be able to bring multiple empires into this one discussion or negotiation so that you could form trading blocs and grand alliances.....also you should be able to bring another empire into the negotiations in order to share intelligence between multiple empires simultaneously and sway their opinions and you should be able to bring in another empire to embarrass them by revealing damning intel on them.

You should be able to form:
Alliance ( bi lateral or multilateral )

Grand Alliances ( multilateral like NATO or the Warsaw Pact )

Non-Aggression agreements

Free Trade Agreements

Right of Passage Agreements

Pacts of war ( form temporary alliances against other empires, this could be multilateral )

multilateral embargo's

Agreements for blockades

Establish embassy's which would increase your standings with that empire and plead your case on a daily business as well as facilitate trade between your empires.

Form Research agreements ( bi or multilateral )

Mutual defense treaty's ( bi/multilateral ) I'm thinking World War I type stuff here.

Agreements of assistance during natural disasters or something.

Things like governments in exile. I'm thinking of France during World War II.

Introduce the concepts of Military to Military contacts. Something like conducting regular war games between allies or conducting war games as a saber rattling exercise to influence enemy's and neighbors.

Arms control agreements ( bi/multilateral )

Vassal states

Neutral Zones

Agreements relating to the use of weapons of mass destruction ( non-proliferation and their use )

The possibility of supporting terrorists/pirates or rebels within another empire. I'm thinking of Kashmir and India/Pakistan conflict as well as the British Empires support of Pirates in the Caribbean.

Peace brokering. I'm thinking of how the U.S attempts to broker peace between Israel and the Arabs. This would me a multilateral series of negotiations.

Now, I realize Firaxis is not in business to please little ol' me, but I don't believe I'm alone in desiring this kind of depth. Also, before someone tells me to make my own game....I'm working up to that.
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  1. Ekmek's Avatar
    Some of the stuff you listed are they RoP (open borders), research agreements, defense pacts, proxy wars, peace brokering. bt I guess you want more detailed versions.
  2. jasonjay77's Avatar
    Yes, that's right. I wan't more detailed or elaborate versions of defense pacts , open borders etc... I also wanted the other stuff added. With each new incarnation of Civ we rarely get more diplomatic depth.