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Civilization Previews: Militaristic

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So for the last of my civilization previews I'm going to cover the military states that I will most likely be using throughout the course of my games. For additional challenge I might try to get other types of victory with these civilizations but will likely focus on domination games with them.

Germany holds a special place in my heart due to my heritage, but in Civilization I've always felt that their unique unit, panzer, always comes a little late to the game. By the time I'm tuning around with tanks, I'm already in position for a solid military advantage.

Germany's national benefit, Furor Teutonicus, is a very powerful early game benefit. When you clear out a barbarian encampment, you have a 50% chance to gain 25 gold and a free unit. In the early game, these extra units can help make a lot of money by becoming explorers and barbarian hunters.

Germany's first unique unit, the Landsknecht, replaces the standard pikeman. But rather than gain any special bonuses over the standard unit, the landsknecht only requires half as much production as the pikeman. The effect of this is that these units can be pounded out in half the time.

The panzer is Germany's second unique unit is a more powerful tank. With 10 more combat strength and an extra point of movement these units can blaze through enemy units.

The second civilization that I'll be taking to a military victory is Rome. Their national benefit makes expansion easier through the Glory of Rome. Construction of buildings that already exist in the capital is hastened by 25%.

Rome is another civilization that gets two unique units at the same time. Legion gets 2 additional points of combat strength in exchange for a negligible increase in cost. As a Roman player, iron is going to be incredibly important to military expansion.

The other unique unit for the Romans is the Ballista. This replacement for the catapult gains for extra ranged combat points, making them even better for city assaults.

Combining Legion and Ballista gives the Romans a powerful 1-2 punch once into the iron age.

Songhai's national benefit, River Warlord, will be extremely lucrative for this nation, especially when combined with the policy that alerts you to barbarian camp spawns. When capturing enemy cities or barbarian encampments, you receive triple the standard gold. The benefit also gives your embarked units a method of defending themselves, but the gold gains will be the main drive behind this nation.

The triple income will be especially nice against an Egyptian enemy with burial tombs.

The Songhai's unique unit is the Mandekalu Cavalry, another knight replacement. This unit gets a bonus to city attack, in addition to the already powerful combat strengths inherent to knights.

Songhai's unique building, the Mud Pyramid Mosque, is a temple replacement that generates two additional points of culture and eliminates the maintenance cost of the temple.

Japan is the last military nation that I'll be covering. With their national benefit, Bushido, Japanese troops will always be a formidable foe. No matter what their actual strength, Japanese forces will fight at full strength. A situation that will stick out the best for the Japanese is if they're being attacked by a more advanced force. Even if the more advanced force hits hard the first time, the Japanese will fight as if they're fully healed.

The first of the Japanese unique units is the Samurai. These units help the Japanese generate Great Generals at a massively improved rate over standard units. Until rifling is developed, these units will be an extremely powerful unit.

The second unique unit available to the Japanese is the Zero, a replacement for the fighter. The Zero is designed as an anti-fighter unit. Their improved anti-fighter skill will be very useful for running patrol over friendly territory or while running air support for invasion forces.

That completes the three main paths to victory and the civilizations that I will be using to achieve them.

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