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My Civ Frustration is Over... For Now.

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Well, as you could imagine, my Civ addiction has been satisfied lately. After being able to play a few games, I find it quite enjoyable. My first few games were just practice runs in the tutorial. I always go through those, so that I get a good feel for the interface and all. Then, I started a game as the Ottomans that lasted for the better part of two weeks. It seems to be hard for me to find much time for Civving these days, as my life has gotten... Eventful.

For my first game I played on a large archipelago map on warlord difficulty. As often happens, I started the game sharing a medium sized island. My neighbors were Persian, and they seemed ok with sharing (I was stronger, after all). But, I was not willing to do this - so I crashed their party. After capturing my first city, I set up a puppet state, believing that the unhappiness from annexation would be crippling. Later, I found out that not being able to control my own production was worse... Like when I was in the process of smacking Bismark around and nearly completely ran out of troops.

Anyway, in the process of the game, I conquered both the Persians and the English. And... Everyone hated me. In a couple of the games I've played since, I've come to realize that the AI is simply gonna hate you anyway. There doesn't seem to be any good way to keep friendly with any of the AIs (well, one time I was pretty good friends with the English - then I accidentally denounced them). However, during the process of this game, I got beat to the Apollo Program, which put me at a bit of a disadvantage when it came to the Space Race.

Seeing that it was gonna be difficult to be the first to Alpha Centauri, I changed my approach to whichever victory I could achieve before the Arabians beat me. Imagine my joy when it became possible to build the UN. So, after making real good buddies with almost all of the City-States, victory was easy. I won on the first election.

A couple days later I was browsing through some mods, and decided to try some out. Well, this process was very frustrating the first time out (it took me all day to figure out how to get one to work), but as modding usually is, it was very rewarding.

Altogether, I'm pretty much satisfied with the game. I haven't seen much to complain about. Some of the new elements of the game were difficult to adjust to - such as ranged attacks and one unit per tile - but these elements make you think a bit more tactically when moving your troops around.
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  1. GeoModder's Avatar
    So, I take it you discovered Civ4 BtS?
  2. raf0485's Avatar
    Lol, no. I still haven't played much lately. I've had too much going on in my real life, which isn't an altogether bad thing, but games are piling up, begging me to play them. But, every night they sit alone still - hating me all the while!