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Uploaded by Maniac - 09-05-09
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Now with new faction and leader artwork by Buster's Uncle and skreeblios!

The overall goal of this modification pack is to widen the strategic choices available to the player. Over the years a number of ‘best strategies’ have been developed of which deviating can be lethal in a multiplayer game. Most of us here all know them: race to crawlers, tree farms and air power. Use chop&drop in combat as soon as available. Forest & Forget, or go advanced all the way, with no overall third terraforming strategy available… This leads to whole aspects of the game being unused as unprofitable, for example a fungal strategy to name just one. With years of experience behind us, we can identify these forgotten aspects and try to rebalance them so they become a viable strategy next to the already familiar ones. This can only increase the fun of our beloved game! In this short description I’d like to sum up a few of the changes you can expect: A social engineering system and a tech tree with a wider variety of attractive choices. Strengthened naval and native life combat & terraforming. Weakened air power. And so on. Download SMAniaC and see for yourself!

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04-12-10 at 01:20
Awesome, I just got my copy of Smacx back up. I played this for most of last year as i constantly come back to it, i was searching everywhere for this. I'm having difficulty editing the bree faction. I'm attempting to make it land based and give it more Zakharov characteristics, but the FACEDIT is not bring up bre ata properly. Can you help me?
Buster's Uncle
02-12-11 at 20:52
If you ever see this, junon, ask in the AC Modding Guild folder, and I will hook you up.
Buster's Uncle
05-07-15 at 03:56
BU teaches SMACX graphics modding, troubleshoots & answers graphics questions, and would love to discuss here: http://alphacentauri2.info/index.php?topic=1237.0