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  2. We now have a Switch and my son is playing Breath of the Wild. He likes it so far. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure I'll get a turn at some point. Maybe.
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  4. This is probably valid for most of us here. I know I won't be voting major party anymore.
  5. I miss the whole dynamic of the democracy games. Sadly I don't think they'll be coming back.
  6. It is sad when you watch one of those and they continually pass on the meta; they should at least know that.
  7. UnO's newspapers? Was reliving some ancient history in the archive, and the best part was the Newspapers IMHO
  8. The Whigs were a pre-cursor to the Republicans, sort of. They disintegrated mainly over the slavery issue. My point was mainly that other parties have existed over the history of the US, and there is no real rational reason, IMHO, to think there will never be anything other than Republicans or Democrats as viable candidates. The biggest problem, IMHO, that the voters of the US have is most won't vote for anything other than Democrat or a Republican because: "Well they can't win". The latest manifestation of that fallacy is Clinton vs Trump. So I have rejected it now for almost ten years. But that's me, the vast majority of the voters in this country obviously disagree with me, but I just cant go along with the pack any longer. Sorry for the confusion
  9. I still play every now and again. Not often admittedly, but I still play it. I do think now, that Civ6 will end up better than Civ4 ended. Plus Civ6 has Australia.
  10. So is anyone still playing this? With civ IV DRM free on GoG I've regressed a bit. I'm even tempted to try CIV 3 again although my main memory is of really annoying combat. Even though I bought the really expensive edition (the one with the coins) it still feels like I need to wait for the expansion packs (and shell out some more cash).
  11. I like the sound of that. If I'm not upsetting anyone then just leave me alone. Didn't realise they were a party. I assumed it was a political progression.
  12. Still playing around and only level 3 but it does seems a harder game to mod than Fallout etc. I'm using 3 different mod managers and I've no idea how they interact with each other. The Darnified UI seems to be a must as well as the Unofficial Patch. Beyond that I'm still experimenting. I'm not sure if its the games age or I've just not struck the right balance but its not really grabbing me in the same way as Morrowind (or even Skyrim for different reasons).
  13. Last week
  14. More: He gets declared on by an FE that he deliberately provoked, and then a bit later by a federation, so he's fighting two wars at the same time. Kinetic Battery (the long range L slot weapon that is one of the best battleship weapons in the game) comes up in his tech card draw. Decides instead to go for Orillium mining (the missile damage booster) because it's much cheaper and will cycle faster for a new set of tech cards. Has no missile techs at all. Tech cycles. Mega Cannons (the 1st tier XL slot kinetic weapon) comes up. He chooses a +5% armor boost repeatable tech instead. Later on: He's been complaining about not being able to research Mega Engineering for the perks. "looks like I need the Deep Space Installations tech. Must be rare." Then continually, every single time it comes up, passes over the Deep Space Installations tech (the fortress tech, which is most definitely not rare) for a repeatable. Sigh. But at the same time
  15. So I'm catching up on work that piled up while I was on vacation, and streaming Quill's recent Stellaris LP while working. I'm reminded of why I only watch Quill for entertainment nowadays and not deeper game learning. His enjoyment of the Horizon Signal event chain was fun to listen to, but his utter lack of knowledge about certain aspects of the game is somewhat frustrating. He takes his big fleet out of port and then a little while later notices that he's losing a ton of money and wonders why. He puts his big fleet back in port and then notices he's making money again, but then just blows it off that the upgrades he just did must have done the trick. And he doesn't realize how higher fleet limit is tied in part to upgraded spaceports and leaves most of his ports at size 2. There are many other things too. He just gets really lazy. Still going to watch since streaming LPs while working is what I do, but it's just amusing how many mistakes he makes that could have been prevented by a little bit of knowledge about the game, or a little more effort into not being lazy.
  16. Let me know which ones you're using and if they work. I tried a big mod run a while back (well, probably two or three years ago actually) and ended up borking the game a bit. Not sure which mod was the cause, or if it was a combo of them. I was trying to play as a paladin-like knight following the main quest for a bit. Got up to delivering a certain someone to Cloud Ruler Temple and then the game crashed and I couldn't progress anymore. Tried reloading an earlier save, but as soon as I got to the temple it crashed out again.
  17. I haven't gotten around to playing that DLC yet. Haven't played games much in the past few weeks. I imagine it probably is worth it if on sale (I bought the season pass so got it as part of that).
  18. I wanted to go there originally, along with Rome. We were going with friends and they weren't as interested in the UK. We ultimately decided on a Mediterranean cruise heading out of Barcelona that hit multiple ports in Italy and France. Totally worth it. UK next time (maybe). I also want to go to Germany and we'd like to go back to Istanbul and explore there too (we flew Turkish Airlines so made stops in Istanbul both coming and going, and we'd like to see more of it. It has nearly as much history as Rome).
  19. Wow, There is a lot being said in that statement..............................
  20. Been playing Torment: Tides of Numeria. Valid successor; but it feels short, and I don't feel yet that I have had to make any choices that are major character defining moments. Torment was all about the self, the story of the character. Anything beyond the character was just bonus. This.... is a good RPG, but not so amazing in terms of character that the original was.
  21. Libertarian is a 3rd party. They are closer to Republicans than Democrats (the two big parties). They believe in small government and personal responsibility.
  22. Been using that to just get here for months.
  23. Are Republicans' Libertarian? I ask as someone who's knowledge of US politics is mainly based on my West Wing box set but they seem to like telling people what not to do a lot. It may be that we get selective highlights here in the UK but a lot of the right in the Conservative party seems quite authoritarian with a few notable exceptions and I wondered if its the same in the US?
  24. You skipped the UK? Oh wait we're not in Europe any more.....
  25. The Nuka Cola DLC is in the Steam summer sale. Is it worth grabbing? I've actually uninstalled the game but I will eventually get around to a modded survival game.
  26. Its a bit too hot for video games in a country with no air con but just bought Hearts of Iron on a whim. Also started modding Oblivion which GoG had on sale. Normally I play through on vanilla first but I think its probably safe to jump in with some of the more popular mods such as darnified UI and a few texture replacements.
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