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  1. Is this the end?

    So I'm sure you've noticed the lack of blogs and posts coming from me. Well, I must apologise for that.

    But sadly, it appears that I'm worn out by Civ 5. It is very unfortunate that I have sadly lost the incentive to not only mod Civ 5, but to play it as well.

    To anyone who is still playing and modding Civ 5 I wish you luck. I'm still happy to answer questions, so just PM me here at WPC.

    So where does this leave me? Well I've packed up my A New World ...
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  2. GUI Buttons and Popups - The Right Way

    This blog will show you how to properly setup GUI buttons and popups. The most common (and easiest) way that people are setting up GUI elements, is to edit existing files such as InGame.xml and other GUI element files (such as TopPanel.lua). This is the bad way to do it, because it will create Mod incompatibility with the next modder who comes along and edits InGame.xml or the same file you're using.

    The proper way separates your GUI elements from the existing core GUI stuff, so ...
  3. Skinning Civ 5 & Custom Game Screens!

    I'm REALLY excited about today's blog post! The two things I will show you are just AWESOME!


    Let me start by asking, are you totally sick of those pesky legal screens popping up EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU START CIV 5 OR GO TO THE MODS MENU????? Well I am!

    Here's a little secret about Civ 5 which (as far as I know) only two other people know. Even the Firaxis people didn't realise fully the potential of this little secret.

    When ...

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  4. Civ 5 Modding Tutorial 2: Religion Mod - XML

    Welcome to the second of my Civ 5 mod tutorial series.

    To quickly recap on tutorial 1, we covered the basic fundamentals of modding Civ 5. We look at how the backend data store operates, the in-game XML->SQL converter as well as an example of how everything can be tied in. The biggest thing people should've taken from tutorial 1 is that the data store for Civ 5 operates like a big database, with tables rows and columns. A bit like a giant spreadsheet.

    Religion ...

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  5. Civ 5 Modding Tutorial 1: Foundation lesson

    This blog marks the first of my long-ago promised Civ 5 tutorials.

    Before I go into too much detail of how to mod certain things within Civ 5, I want to cover a basic lesson in the foundations of Civ 5 modding, and how it actually works. If you've read Kael's Modding Guide off the Civ 5 wiki, I can understand your continued confusion as to how to mod Civ 5. Kudos to Kael, but the guide really only covers how to use the tools. I am going to assume you haven't read the guide, ...
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